Werksviertel-Mitte district, Munich

Renovations of former industrial structures

The challenge

The offices of Hoyos Architecten are located in the district Werksviertel-Mitte on the old premises of Munich’s well-known former food company “Pfanni”, near the East Station. The urban area is developing in a very fast and exciting mode. The former silos, industrial buildings and production sites now host artist’s studios, start-ups, offices, small restaurants and shops. And among them Hoyos Architekten. Here we find our inspiration and are engaged for projects. We are partners of Otec, the owning company and several projects have already undergone our creative and quick solutions for restructuring and interim use.


Backstage area of two music halls: Tonhalle and Technikum

The original schematic design of Hild und K architects provides containers for the artist area of both halls; hoyos architekten is responsible for construction design and execution. At the moment these projects are on hold due to other construction works going on in the immediate neighbourhood, nevertheless the renovation has to be continued at a later stage. Meanwhile we offer interim, creative low budget answers. Visiting artists find themselves in a laid-back and arty atmosphere.


Tonhalle Fire Escape routes

Due to operations on the whole Werksviertel area, adaptions have to be found in order to keep up the adjacent business. One of the necessary adaptions are the escape routes of the music hall Tonhalle, which can host up to 1.500 persons. The hall is already quite outdated and therefore with regard to the statics a real challenge, taking into account the low budget available. hoyos architekten is able to guarantee a smooth run of all concerts thanks to its meticulous supervision and clocking of the works.


Neighbouring halls “Technikum” and “Potato-Hall”

Part of the quickly changing use of buildings in the district is the opening of a musical hall in the former potato-hall, showing only a thin concrete wall right between the two music halls. We are engaged to examine the noise emissions and offer solutions to the problem.


Coworking space in Building 1 “Werk 1”

One of the former production buildings is the so-called “Werk 1”, which now hosts a well-established start-up group, which is continuously growing, thus in need of more space. The owner, the company Otec, decides to restructure the old production hall on the ground floor for an interim period of several years. hoyos architekten is able to react quickly and competently. Once again, a small budget obliges us to plan minimal changes. A bright and hip outcome makes this area become one of the most wanted working spaces of Werk 1.


Office hoyos architekten in the former Table Dance Bar, Werk 1

The ongoing changes in the Werksviertel oblige us to leave our premises, but we are invited to design our new office in the loft of the shut-down table dance bar. The result is convincing after the coring of the ground floor and opening the front for large windows.