Schön Klinik Bad Aibling

Various refurbishments in an operational hospital

Core services:

  • Planning
  • Tendering and submission
  • Construction site supervision



  • Andreas Gaiser
  • Philipp Seeliger
  • Sophie Frey

GFS: 1.000 sqm + 7.000  sqm roof surface

Value: 3.9 M €

Status: finished between 2017 and 2018


The Challenge

Schön Klinik’s building in Bad Aibling is a 1992 circle shaped construction in armoured concrete and shows several single-floor annexes in steel construction. Renovation and reallocation is budgeted for several parts in the interior: the conference area to shared offices, the therapeutic bath to conference area, refurbishment of the entire kitchen and the check-in for patients and finally the roof, which shows leakage.


The solution

Modernisation and an enhancement of different areas of the clinic are realized during an operational hospital. The old fashioned therapeutic bath is covered and sealed and converted into a bright and friendly conference area. The kitchen is modified from a fully equipped kitchen into a distribution kitchen with convection ovens, according to the new  patient meal concept of the Schön Klinik Group. Parallel the former conference area is reshaped into shared offices and the check-in gets a friendly facelift. hoyos architekten also is responsible for the renovation of more than 7.000 m² roof surface, which consists of different materials, taking into consideration the static, construction physics, different draining concepts and fire escape routes.

These different refurbishment are executed with a tight schedule and parallel, which requires close coordination of the different contractors.