University Hospital rechts der Isar, Munich

Theatre Centre South

Core services:

  • Planning
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Site supervision
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Fire safety concept


  • Philipp v. Hoyos
  • Herbert Sitzberger
  • Marcus Brändle

GFS: 1.880 sqm

Value: 4.7 M €

Status: finished 2012 by sitzberger hoyos architects


The Challenge

The university hospital rechts der Isar is briefing sitzberger hoyos architekten for a strategy development for conversion. The goal is to create an integrated operating theatre with logistics centre offering sterile and one-time usage material. Furthermore the wake-up area has to be enlarged up to 8 beds and the post-operative flow of patients in a hygienically clear zones optimized. The vertical alignment of the three floors is supposed to be ensured by a new element, a sterile bed-elevator. The whole project is taking place whilst the hospital remained operational.


The Solution

In a first phase of construction the sterile elevator is placed on the outside of the building in a small patio, ensured by a complex pile foundation. The lift shaft has a 30% bigger volume than the cabin itself to avoid air pressure during drive mode. There is a constant ventilation creating negative pressure, which ensures the sterile atmosphere of the theatre. The elevator tower is covered with aluminium panels.

The comprehensive refurbishment represents the second phase of the project. The main tasks are the replacement of ventilation and implementation of the fire safety concept developed by sitzberger hoyos architekten. Finally the third phase includes the re-organisation and amplification of the wake-up area on the fourth floor. A new area for stationary beds during surgery is needed, as well as  post-surgery repositioning. Intensive care standard is achieved. The whole medical technology design is under the responsibility of sitzberger hoyos architekten.

Photography: Anton Brandl