Relocation of the Department for Clinical Pharmacology

Downtown Campus, hospital Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

Core services:

  • Tendering and submission
  • Construction site supervision
  • Fire Safety concept


  • Andreas Gaiser
  • Elian Hamati
  • Sarah Urrigshardt

GFS: 1.400 sqm

Value: 3.35 M €

Status: finished 2015


The Challenge

On the entire downtown hospital campus of the LMU the construction of the new clinic building requires several relocations of existing premises, including the department for clinical pharmacology. It is planned to have it moved to the upper floor of the so called KKK – Cubical building. It is known that the construction contains asbestos and there are traces of PCB substances. The clients’ wish is a customized fit out for modern research laboratories.


The Solution

The whole floor is refurbished and renovated regarding constructive and technical aspects. All contaminated materials are being disposed according to German laws, the ceiling is equipped with high fire resistance material, the refurbishment is done in dry plaster on light wall stones. Hoyos Architekten provides labs in BSL 1 and 2 level, offices, meeting and conference rooms, wardrobe and kitchenette.