Cross Fit Studio, Munich

Restructuring of industrial installations into training premises

Core services:

  • Scheme
  • Tendering and submission
  • Construction site supervision
  • Fire safety concept


  • Gunda Maurer, project manager
  • Sophie Frey
  • Yvonne Hirschmann, fire engineering
  • Ralf Kohlbecker, site supervision

GFS: 1.200 sqm

Value: 0.2 M €

Status: finished 2018


The Challenge

The building of the 1920 has been varied and reorganized various times during the last decades. Before a long period of vacancy the last use had been a tyre garage. A fitness studio is supposed to move into the site.


The Solution

An industrial building has to be adapted to fit in the training rooms of Crossfit’s specific functional sequences. In order to respect the existing structures hoyos architekten proposes an ideal solution by placing a new connecting staircase at a strategic position. This way locker rooms and sanitary facilities on the lower floor are now easily reachable from the ground floor training areas.

We develop a creative fire safety concept that can be implemented step by step and at low cost.