University Hospital rechts der Isar, Munich

Hybrid operating room for the Vascular Surgery Department

Core services

  • Planning
  • Tendering and submission
  • Construction site supervision
  • Fire engeneering
  • Health and safety coordination


  • Herbert Sitzberger
  • Sarah Urrigshardt

GFS: 185 sqm

Value: 2.6 M €

Status: finished 2012 by sitzberger hoyos architects


The challenge

The Vascular Surgery Department under the direction of Prof Eckstein is provided with a Philips angiography machine. The planned operating room will be primarily used for cardiac and vascular procedures. The high resolution real-time imaging allows for more accurate and less invasive surgical procedures. The system needs special space for personnel, technology, hygiene, medical imaging and documentation. Very precise planning is needed in order to face the necessities of M&E installations, medical technology, radiation safety and statics. There are asbestos contaminated components which have to be identified and disposed. For the project it was essential to maintain uninterrupted functioning for patients and staff.


The solution

The Philips angiographic system has the special capacity of guaranteeing a room air grade 1a, even when the C-shaped curve is being removed from the sterile surgery area. The ventilation is placed on the rooftop. Matching the angiography system are the components of a carbon surgery table, dual displays and an additional large screen of Philips & Maquet.

Many extras are installed in the room: wall heating panels, pass-through modules in the wall next to the corridor. In the supervision room the technical equipment is hidden behind sound-insulated doors. Interior design includes a special desk with all technical components, almost invisible.

During the 8 months of construction site supervision the nearby helipad required special co-ordination by the architect.