German Heart Centre Munich

Development of a luxury ward for VIP patients in an operational hospital

Core Services

  • Scheme
  • Tendering and contracting
  • Site supervision


  • Philipp v. Hoyos, sitzberger hoyos architekten
  • Marcus Brändle, sitzberger hoyos architekten

GFS: approx. 300 qm

Value: 300.000 €

Status: finished 2010 by sitzberger hoyos architekten


The Challenge

Commissioned by the Staatliches Bauamt München 1 (Building authorities) Hoyos Architekten is supposed to build five suites and a lounge for VIP patients in an operational hospital.


The solution

The requirements of luxury and exclusivity are met by designing multi-functional furniture with all necessary medical devices which can easily be hidden when not needed. The surface is noble and at the same time easy to clean. We use high-gloss laminate in wenge wood optic and rounded corners. An additional element which guarantees the wellbeing of the patients is the indirect lighting with designer luminaires. During the medical examination special light with 1000lux can be turned on.