New Geoscience Building, Munich

Open Ideas Competition

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  • Sebastian Hacker


The Challenge

The competition aims to find the best solution for a new common downtown site of the dispersed faculties of the Geosciences, integrating Bavaria’s natural science collection.


The Solution

The scheme of our young and creative team intends to create an opening between the existing premises of the downtown LMU university clinics and the inner space of the proposed complex. Transparency and permeability aim to facilitate access for the public. Inside this space we develop a convincing spatial organisation which leads to the public institutions like the existing lecture halls, cafeteria, library and displays of the geoscience faculty. Our scheme perfectly adapts to the city context, within walking distance of the lot – a real downtown campus. We propose three types of buildings: block, courtyard and row. We also care for existing trees and invite to a sustainable treatment of resources.

Regarding fire safety the complex is divided into horizontal and vertical sections with fire resisting floors and walls; shafts represent independent fire sections. Sprinkler systems are only needed in the library, the atrium exhibition area, galleries, glass ceiling and underground garage. For every common area there is a scheme for two escape routes through hallways and staircases leading outside.