As classical architects we are designers, planners, tenderers and construction site managers. We are located at the interface between the client (developer, investor, owner), occupier, public administration and craftsmen. So our role is that of mediator, consultant and committed driver of the creative process. We face our responsibility of social and ecological designers with coherent drafts. We prefer the sustainable use of materials and processing types.

We are specialized in working in highly complex processes like buildings under full operation. Our solutions are creative, flexible and careful, convenient for the client and at the same time taking into consideration the needs of the occupier.

Our in-house project standards have undergone a long-term development and this way we are able to ensure high quality in the implementation as well as in the tracking of costs and deadlines. We are equipped with the most advanced digital tools. Altogether like this we achieve a low friction project course and the confidence of all partners. Thanks to our working structure we ensure an overall knowledge transfer without losses at the interfaces.

There is a cultivated and trustful relationship in our office structure, united by shared aims and values. The team spirit of hoyos architekten is not only perceptible within the office itself. It’s more: our clients, the planning partners and the craftsmen on the construction site are able to notice the enthusiasm and joy in what we do and can feel the dedication to the project.